Rich Enterprises, Inc is pleased to provide marketing and inside sales services to the HVAC industry.  Our teleprospecting services fill your sales pipeline with new maintenance contracts. Outsourcing your cold calling duties to our seasoned marketing team, gives your sales reps the opportunity to focus on core business.

Our telemarketing services can include:

  • Cold calling and teleprospecting
  • Lead generation campaigns
  • Appointment setting services
  • Inside sales outsourcing

HVAC Inside Sales has been serving the HVAC Industry since 2005

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Acquire New Business with HVAC Inside Sales Services- Rich Enterprises

Most HVAC companies are seeking new ways to build their sales pipeline and increase revenues. A well planned marketing program with an experienced telemarketing company can provide the desired business growth needed for long term business success.

Our B2B commercial inside sales services are crucial to companies that want to sustain current business and build business for long term success in the present economic market. Our inside sales services will provide new heating and cooling maintenance agreements, preventative maintenance (PM) and contracts taking your business to the next level.

Most Mechanical companies are similar in nature but all have a unique twist or offering that makes their business better than the competition. The service or offering could be HVAC services with Refrigeration that might include chillers. Some companies may offer free energy surveys that could help companies learn where they could make changes to their building, equipment or operation to boost their bottom line. Some Mechanical companies are green focused and can help companies get their building the “go green” seal which is beneficial in the leasing industry.  Wouldn’t it be helpful for companies to know that they are wasting energy with equipment that is not working at its maximum potential?

Some Industrial contractors provide energy control services. These controls could be implemented in businesses that use energy from 8-5 daily but could reduce consumption after 6pm when workers are gone for the day and the building is empty.HVAC Inside Sales helps businesses lower their energy costs with prevenative maintenance

We have worked in the HVAC market for over 10 years. Our commercial inside sales services have helped countless heating and air businesses across the US and Canada by providing new sales leads, appointment setting and lead qualification services.

Our services include cold calling, telemarketing, lead generation, appointment setting, and lead qualification.

  • We provide teleprospecting work for your sales team so that they can utilize their time focusing on closing sales and negotiating preventative maintenance contracts. 
  • Our lead generation services will bring present and future sales opportunities and qualified appointments to you.

Our HVAC industry experience can be summarized as:

  • Rich Enterprises specializes in commercial telemarketing for the Industrial markets.
  • We have over ten years experience in HVAC mechanical telemarketing and inside sales.
  • We have made over 300,000 HVAC commercial cold calls into the US and Canadian markets.
  • Rich Enterprises has been in business for over sixteen years and served a variety of industries but have specialized in industrial markets since 2005.

Our services can include:

  • Commercial telemarketing services, cold calling and customer service calls to your prospect base.
  • Qualification of interested prospects based upon square footage under air, current HVAC contract, replacement and repairs of current equipment or future energy programs.
  • Lead generation services.  We will report all interested and qualified prospects directly to you. These could be prospects that have an immediate need or those with a long- term future contact date.
  • Appointment setting campaigns. We will set qualified sales appointments for your sales team that could focus on PM (preventative maintenance) contracts, energy savings and automated controls.

HVAC Inside Sales helps keep your business running with marketing programs focused on PM contracts

Our outbound calling campaigns can include:

  • Scripting and program outline to define your HVAC inside sales campaign. This outline will include sample call scripts, voicemail and email scripts, email appointment confirmation scripts, common objections and appropriate rebuttals for optimum results.
  • Contact list if based upon our standard factors of SIC codes, number of employees, yearly revenue and geographical factors.
  • Daily reporting-all calls report with details of each cold call, follow-up call and related results to your customized appointment setting program.  
  • Contact or appointment reports will provide detailed information for each maintenance appointment or qualified lead.  These could also be requests to be added to a vendor list on behalf of your program.

Does your sales team like to make cold calls? Most businesses find that sales reps would do just about anything other than make cold calls.

Could your business and sales team use an inside sales extension that exclusively handles phone work?

Does your sales team have time to research prospects, make cold calls, set appointments and find new opportunities for maintenance, repair services, emergency outages or energy?

Please contact us at 888-443-5247 to learn more about how our commercial HVAC inside sales services could increase your sales and revenue.  

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