Filling Your Sales Pipeline!



HVAC Industrial Services

HVAC InsideSales has taken their years of experience in the industrial market and developed Innovative Solutions which gives mechanical companies an edge on marketing services. Innovative Solutions is the discovery of ways to present services to specified industries.

Solutions can be:

  • Energy - Energy star is very important to companies looking for the stamp of approval for future lessees’ and tax rebates
  • Rebates - Many energy companies offer incentives and rebates for upgrades or updates to antiquated energy systems
  • Controls - Automation is cost effective for cost conscious building owners and managers
  • Air Quality - Clean air is important for schools and companies for healthy students and staff creating less absenteeism
  • Green - Many businesses participate in helping our environment by “going green”
  • Integrity review - Quick equipment checks allow companies to meet and greet prospects and give options for service needs
  • Refrigeration - Chiller work is specialized and targets a niche market

Using an Innovative solution approach to sales allows companies to cater to the needs of companies by using lead in lines for sales that have a targeted approach. For example, when reaching out to property managers, you would want to mention energy surveys, building automation and current rebates or incentives to assist in the best ROI (return on investment) for the company.